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What is "High Stakes" leadership coaching?  It's coaching at critical pivot points.  A role shift, a start up, a foul up... And it's coaching aimed at results.  Most importantly, it's coaching focused on the individual's unique talents.  How they're built.  How they were meant to be...only better.  Strengths-based coaching meets each individual where they are, and builds from there.  To new heights.   New levels of confidence and fulfillment.  More engaged, and more engaging.  More authentic. 

When It's Time to Call Us...

"I've been hearing the same feedback all my life.    Why can't everyone accept that this is

just the way I am?"

"My company needs coaches who support our diversity efforts and help people to be successful  without having to  become a clone of someone else."

"I need a coach who will tell it to me straight, but  inspire me and

build my confidence, too.   

Is that too much to ask?"

An Example of What Next Gear Can Do...

Gallup Strengths Based Coaching® from the C-Suite to the "High Potential" Team Leader, provided individually, in pairs, or with teams.

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder® assessment included

    • Customized reports and tools provided for individuals and groups

    • Focus on increasing self-awareness, leveraging strengths, and mitigating weaknesses for optimum performance and impact.


  • Approach customized to Client Needs:

    • Personalized and customized reports and tools developed for each client

    • Face-to-face or virtual coaching sessions

    • Qualitative 360 Feedback coordination available

    • Group education kick-off sessions available, followed by individual coaching

    • Team sessions and Coach-the-Coach available

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