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Teams can accelerate organizations and provide some of the most fulfilling experiences for your employees.  


Or not.


A British social scientist, Dr. Meredith Belbin, performed some fascinating research on team performance over 30 years, and developed a list of nine skill sets that, when combined, made the difference between teams that achieved consistent success, and teams that struggled. These nine "Team Roles" help us predict the success of a team with astonishing reliability.  In fact, Dr. Belbin was able to predict the success of a team 86% of the time. 

Next Gear can bring this kind of learning to your teams.  

Practical tools.  Reliable approaches.  Proven techniques. 


By understanding each Team Member's preferred roles using a proven 360-degree assessment, then learning how the dynamics of these roles operate on teams, we can increase reliability of team output, fulfillment of team members, and reduce conflict and waste in team operations.


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