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Even the most talented groups can get tangled up in their work.  


Never fear.

Next Gear will calmly and confidently focus on the group's process, so the group can focus on the content of the challenge.  A skilled Process Consultant honors the group's objectives, dynamics, and requirements, and guides them down an efficient, constructive path for problem solving, creating or decision making.  The participants are free to think.  And act.

"Kristi is a fearless facilitator.  We had a room full of intelligent, competitive people, and she kept us on track.  We never would have gotten through this process without her 'laying down the track' in front of our speeding train!  It was like magic!"

When It's Time to Call Us...

“We are trying  to make a change happen, but it’s just not working. 

We need to re-group.”

“Our issues are getting so complex…we don’t know where to begin.”

"Our strategy is shifting and we need to align the organization toward the new direction.”

"I've got a room full of powerful people... who can't seem to get anything done. We need someone to herd us and help us get over the finish line."​​

"I can't lead my team AND participate in the discussion at the same time.  I need help!"

Examples of What Next Gear Can Do...
  • Meeting Planning and Facilitation

    • Objective Setting

    • Process and Agenda Design

  • Organizational Design

    • Custom applications of Galbraith’s STAR Model


  • Culture Creation

    • Identifying Business Drivers, Status Assessment, Future Visioning, Key Success Factors, Core Value Detection, Behaviors Expectations, Strategic and Brand Alignment, Change Management, Measurement


  • Problem Solving and/or Options Generation

    • Brainstorming, Affinity Diagrams, Interrelationship Digraphs, Prioritization Matrices, Flow Charts


  • Change Management

    • Stakeholder Analysis, Core Message Creation, Collateral Development, Scripting, FAQ development

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